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Eserman is a company specialised in providing comprehensive services and logistical operations for businesses and industries with experience in a great many sectors of activity. Since 1987, we have been developing a broad range of logistical services 100% adapted to your industrial processes and needs and totally orientated to optimising the performance and productivity of your business.

We do not simply provide a specialised logistical service for your sector and industry. Our working ambition is to exceed your expectations in every way. To do this, we offer a professional service of top quality, in addition to proposing ideas, solutions or practical improvements to enhance your global performance in the medium term.


Logistical operations for multiple sectors


Logistical operations and services adapted to your industrial needs and processes



We provide logistical services and operations in your production plant, wherever you may be.

A management service for the control of goods transport entering and leaving the industrial centre. Validation of documentation, weight control and releasing orders.

Unloading goods from the transport. Checking goods unloaded and entering them into the computer system. Location in the warehouse or internal distribution. Follow-up and complaints regarding technical documentation.

Management of order documentation. Planning deliveries. Picking materials and loading on transport.

Comprehensive management of packing lines for liquid and solid products in separate containers (sack, big bag, IBC…). Palletising and location in warehouse.

Dealing with loading and unloading for transport in separate containers (sacks, drums, IBC…) and in bulk (solids and liquids).

Comprehensive management of covered warehouses and open air storage of finished products and for raw materials in the client’s premises.

Management of technical and spare parts warehouses for maintenance and new layout projects for existing premises and/or the design, construction and operation of supplementary storage.

Auxiliary services relating to the logistical activity, such as cleaning services for roadways and warehouses, clearing silos, supervising various activities in industries, etc.



A centre strategically located in a large communications centre in the south of Europe.

Comprehensive logistical management in our premises in Vila-seca: reception, storage of goods, relabelling, transfer of goods (from separate packaging to bulk, or from one package to another), loading for transport, transferring loads between lorries, checkpoint, automatic sack opening, etc.

Service checking transport vehicles for access to industries: inspecting documentation and the external condition of the vehicle, accessories, weight check, security measures, etc., to guarantee compliance with specifications at loading point.

Automatic sack opening service for bulk loading into tanks or big bags. Transfer to end customer.

Weighing scales available to carriers in our premises.

Verification, analysis and management of claims against our clients for excess transport costs.

Flexible storage services for multiple sectors, clients and/or products, available through a group of 4 interconnected buildings (6,000 m2 total).

Auxiliary services, training, product coding for storage, repairs to damaged packaging, transfer of materials between packages, load adjustments, load transfers between transport means, preparing kits of materials, etc

High value services: innovation in logistics for industries 4.0

At Eserman we make every effort to lift services and logistical operations for industries to another level. Not content with conventional industrial logistics, we create and develop methods and processes to make your enterprise more flexible and competitive.


At Eserman we study the industrial dynamics of your business to find solutions in the automation of processes that will accelerate your activities and make them more profitable.


We study and evaluate the latest trends in industrial logistics to offer advanced solutions for your business, such as the implementation of LEAN methodology, directed towards optimising your operations.


We back technology as a perfect ally in offering you a logistical service that combines human capabilities with current technological and computer resources.


Our technical team, composed of engineers and other professionals, is working on proposals for a logistical solution personalised and optimised for your company.

From industrial logistics to a comprehensive service:

Maintenance of logistical plant installations

Over and above our industrial logistics services for your business, at Eserman, as we know all about your installations, infrastructure, equipment and dynamics, we can offer technical maintenance services for your plants in the various working ambits.

With all this, we propose the provision of a comprehensive service for your industry (industrial logistics + infrastructure maintenance) which takes advantage of the synergy generated between the two areas of work, with the aim of continuing to optimise your operational industrial capabilities and productivity in your industry.

Maintenance of logistical plants

Industrial electricity

Industrial instrumentation

Air conditioning systems


Fire detection and extinction systems

Industrial security systems

Port cranes

Plumbing, electrical and other works



Quality in service, first and foremost

At Eserman we design all our logistical activities for businesses towards providing quality services with maximum security for all the H.R. who operate them. To do this, we manage our services under strict compliance with the many regulations that certify the quality of the work done.

We have a whole range of certificates (OHSAS, SA8000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, UNE 58451:2016…) not only directed to the client’s complete satisfaction, but also intended to create a future relationship of confidence and trust, which will enable the implementation of new formulas and processes which constantly improve the logistical activities of your business.

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What do we contribute to your logistical activity?


The partner you can trust for industrial logistics in your business

As specialists in industrial logistics, our principal objective is to offer your business a comprehensive logistical solution, a generator of value for all your activity. We do this by bringing in all the know-how we have acquired through years of activity, our resources (human, material, etc.) and all those technical elements that allow you to delegate your logistical activity with confidence and peace of mind. Thus you can focus fully on your core business, while at the same time optimising the costs associated with logistical operations.

With more than 200 professionals who have broad experience and a high capacity for service in logistical activities, with decades of experience in carrying out operations in industries in different sectors, after collaborations with many organisations in both public and private sectors, Eserman is a solid enterprise with a great capacity for service in industries like yours. Also we have the support and backing of the Carbonell Figueras Group: a benchmark in the construction sector, among others, at both national and international level.


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